Goals for 2023 + Life and Blog "Update"

Hey, it's been a while hasn't it? Well, I figured it'd be nice to give a little update about life in general, and some extra information. I turned 18 recently, I'm an adult now, it feels sureral, honestly. I must admit, I am a child of the internet, so most things that I can do now I've already been doing but I will admit, there is a sense of power that comes with it but admittedly it doesn't really mean much to me, it's just cool and a little bit scary I can go out and buy a house (Realistically that will never be possible in today's economy). I wanna apologize for the lack of posts recently, I've been caught up in real life and some extra stuff on the side to want to make a post, that and I had no clear idea of what I wanted to write about regardless, outside of the LOONA archive I did. Oh yeah, LOONA! I never really gave my thoughts on it, but it's pretty clear where I stand. I'm upset, disgusted and not shocked. I swear there's so muc

LOONA Archive!

It's been a really, really long time has it? Well, I'm back for right now and I plan on making a lot more posts, but I feel I should at least do some shameless plugging to get back into the groove of things. I have an account! Yeah, I didn't really use it much until very recently, as the only uploads were a few Takashi Miike films and the updated version of JPEGMAFIA's LP!, however there was a recent discovery that's insane and I feel I should mention. Ever since Blockberry Creative kicked out Chuu from LOONA, there has been a pretty big boycott against the company and I decided to use that opportunity to my advantage and finally use my account some more! I really love to archive things greatly, as well as storage related things, I thought it would be best to pretty much download as much as I can from the official YouTube channel and to upload it. I realize though, the uploads are very sporadic so I thought I can make a list of what links to


As I turn 18 in a few days, everything in life comes to me in a weird, melancholic way. It's amazing how easy a person's emotions can change, it feels like a switch that you can turn on and off every few hours, if not minutes. I'm afraid of turning 18, I'm not sure why, but it's a feeling I can't begin to explain, and if I try, I easily can get my words confused. It's been a while since I opened up Blogger to make a blog post but I feel comfortable enough to just, type away. About what? I'm not really sure, but it's fun to make a blog post every once in a while. I've had quite the eventful month since I've been away, and to be honest, I don't want to get into it, and I'm glad I never talked about it here. Why, you might ask? Well, in the words of the now neo-nazi Kanye West, I guess we'll never know. I think that Kanye coming out the way he did has got to be, easily, the worst thing that could ever happen, but I don't want to


It's been a while since a blog post and I would like to formally apologize for that. I've been busy with life doing such things as contemplating writing a blog post and sleeping so I haven't really found anything to blog about, so I think I'm going to talk about what I know best, Godzilla. I know I have an abundance of Godzilla on this blog but it's for one reason, I love the thing. There's something about Godzilla that brings me to peace like no other, I'm not sure why either, he's a giant monster that loves destruction and nothing more. I can be here all day talking about him though, but instead I wanna talk about the media surrounding Godzilla, just in general though, I feel there's a lot to talk about there. Did you know that the 1956 American re-cut of the original G film, Godzilla, King Of The Monsters , got a theatrical release in Japan in 1957? That's really interesting, I never knew that happened, I wonder what that release is like, if i

Radio Show - 36.5 Episode 3

After three months, here comes another episode of 36.5 FM! Thankfully I wasn't lazy and just put it off until I felt like I needed it like last time, but instead, I actually prepped this one. This episode is a tad bit different because there's actually a few songs made by the same artist. I don't think I ever set this as a rule but genuinely I'm not exactly sure what rules I would exactly remember that I set in April of this year BUT we do have a strict policy of no songs ever be used more than once. This time I decided to mix up a variation of popular and general artists, I would use the term underground but what does that word mean at this rate, and would a band like Puffy be considered underground when they were huge in Japan and even made the Teen Titans theme song? I think the term best used is relatively unknown, as I feel that fits the term more as it's more broad. We have a STACKED 30* songs this time! I really loved putting this together and going through t

Godzilla's Various American Titles

If you're a fan of Godzilla any you might be aware that in the 1950s to 1990s that a LOT of the films were renamed to appeal to western audiences (a prime example being Godzilla Raids Again being renamed to Gigantis, The Fire Monster ) and it can get pretty confusing, as nowadays these films are mostly referred to by their original names, so I'm creating this post to one, help myself be familiar with these names so if I see them in the future I'm aware of what's what, and second, I figured I can turn this process into a fun blog post, since it's something I'm very passionate about (Godzilla) and if someone is gonna do it, it's gonna be me, so let's begin! Please note that I will be excluding bootlegs. This will also be a very short post as I wanted to make up for the lack of posts over the last few weeks, so I hope you also don't mind that.  The first film to mention here is of course, the original 1954 Godzilla film, now this one is a bit of a doo

Yakuza Kiwami 2 + Yakuza 3 - Game Review

It's been a hot minute, hasn't it? I'm sorry about that, I meant to write this post way sooner but I have been busy doing nothing but contemplating and playing Yakuza 4. I was originally going to make a solely dedicated post about Kiwami 2 at first but unfortunately I just could not find enough ground to form a post, as a lot of that game I shared the same opinions with the first Kiwami , outside of story and combat. Kiwami 2's story is a direct continuation of the first one, and it's very good to say the least. It's obviously not as impactful or engaging as the first one, but for being a sequel to one of my most favorite stories, it did a phenomenal job. I noticed a lot of improvements such as the ability to walk into buildings without loading screens and transiting into battles seamlessly, which improved speed a bunch and overall made the experience much better in comparison to Kiwami. Another thing that vastly improved from Kiwami is that the combat in th